A Drone Kind of Day!

Whew! What a day of drone work for us as a company! We started this morning off doing a great promo shot for Whitfield & Eddy Law Firm based downtown Des Moines. We worked with Marc over there (he was a rockstar) on a 90th Anniversary ad of the Polk County Courthouse that will be on display at the Des Moines International Airport. Their office building is a few blocks away from the courthouse and we captured some amazing photo/video for their airport ad! Check out a great picture we got from that shoot!


Later in the day we had a shoot scheduled with a client of ours for a Mediacom commercial to deliver adult beverages on a tray to people in a hot tub. However, upon arrival there were too many trees around the hot tub to get the real drone in, so they had to call an audible and go with a fake drone (not ours) hanging from a boom. It was really cool to be on site with a full production crew, models, and actors. The main lead for the commercial is actually a rapper from Minneapolis named Kyle Sky, he just dropped a new album, check him out!

Finally the day wrapped up doing a commercial real estate shoot for a sweet company out of Chicago called Five67. The shoot itself was over 30 photos and 13 videos in which we went through 5 full drone batteries (new record on a single shoot) and broke a record of the most feet flown during a single shoot. The previous record was 23,000 ft set back in 2016 for a shoot we did at Lake Panorama but the shoot today hit the 33,000 ft feet mark. Overall a great day of drone work. I hope you all enjoy the blog posts, we are going to continue to update you on some of the fun and unique opportunities in the remaining months of 2018 and into 2019!

Peace & Love,